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Part No. G-CVT 20L Alt Part No. G-CVT 20L Unit: Each

Gulf Multi-Vehicle CVT Fluid is an automatic transmission fluid designed to provide suitable performance in a wide-range of CVT-equipped (Continuously Variable Transmissions) passenger vehicles. The blend of high-performance additives and carefully selected base fluids provides low-temperature fluidity, oxidation stability, wear protection, anti-shudder durability, shear stability, material compatibility, metal-to-metal friction and foaming prevention.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides high metal-to-metal friction proformance.
  • Improved anti-shudder properties ensuring smooth operation.
  • Excellant anti-foam characteristics ensure proper lubrication.
  • Backed with extensive test data demonstrating the suitability for use in the place of OEM CVT fluids.

Note: Not suitable for use in hybrid CVT units (Ford & Toyoata).

Specifications and Approvals: Audi / VW TL 52180, G-052-180 | Suzuki TC / NS-2 / CVT Green 1 | Ford CVT30 / Mercon | Dodge / Jeep NS-2 / CVT F+4 | Honda HMMF | GM / Saturn DEX-CVT | Toyota Toyota TC | Ford CVT23 | Nissan NS-2 | Mercedes-Benz 236.20 | Mitsubishi CTVF-J1 / SP-III | Subaru NS-2 / Lineartronic CVTF | Hyundai / Kia SP-III | Mini Cooper EZL 799