Privacy Policy

Privacy Act 1993/2020: As a business operating in New Zealand, we follow, and are bound by, the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993/2020 (the Act), whichever is in effect. The meaning of any term in this policy, unless defined in this policy, should be read from the Act. Any reference to Personal Information refers to information held about an identifiable Individual.

Personal Information: Any Personal Information you provide us will be treated as private and confidential. We will use our reasonable endeavours to securely store all Personal Information. We will never sell, trade, or give up your Personal Information without your consent, unless legally required to do so, or as allowed under this Policy.

Use of Personal Information: You agree that we are permitted to make use of your Personal Information where its use is required to facilitate any business transaction entered into between us. This may include providing some of your Personal Information to one of our agents, such as to a courier company so they can deliver your order.

Secure Account: To assist us with providing you a more secure service, we do require that all orders are made through an account. This provides additional security to your orders. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details around the use of your account.

Right to access/update: As required by the Act, we will provide you with all Personal Information that we hold on you, unless otherwise restricted from doing so by the Act. You may then notify us of any corrections that need to be made to that Personal Information. However, we reserve the right to retain a copy of the uncorrected Personal Information if it is required for completeness of order information, or if we are legally required to maintain a copy of that uncorrected Personal Information. We reserve the right to change a reasonable fee for the time and materials taken in complying with any request

Storage of Personal Information: Unless stated otherwise, all Personal Information stored will be held by us by ourselves.

Notification of Breach: While we are acting to prevent such an event from occurring, we will notify you of any breach of your Personal Information that may occur should we be required to do so under the Act.