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Part No. G-4T5W40 1L Alt Part No. G-4T5W40 1L Unit: Each

Gulf Syntrac 4T series are synthetic, 4-stroke gasoline engine oil developed specifically to meet the special requirements of latest high performance air cooled 4-stroke motorcycles. It is blended from premium quality base stocks and advanced additive technology to exceed the most demanding lubrication requirements of modern 4-stroke motorcycles. It provides excellent protection to engine, gearbox and wet clutch used in 4-stroke motorcycles and ensures highest degree of reliability even under severe operating conditions. It is suitable for wide range of ambient temperatures. This oil exceeds the specifications of API SL and JASO MA, Gulf Syntrac 4T 5W-40 has on file status for JASO MA2, and the requirements of leading global 4-stroke motorcycle manufacturers.


Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability minimises deposits and controls oil thickening facilitating extended engine and oil life.

  • Exceptional antiwear properties protect vital engine and gear components leading to reduced maintenance costs.

  • Controlled frictional properties eliminate clutch slippage leading to increased power/ fuel economy and improves drivability.

  • Special detergents/ dispersants used in this oil ensure cleaner pistons leading to faster heat dissipation and longer engine life.

  • Excellent shear stability maintains viscosity under high temperature-high shear environment and provides improved wear protection.

  • Outstanding low temperature properties enable easy starting at low ambient temperatures and ensure effective lubrication and wear protection at start up.

  • Low volatility characteristics reduce oil consumption and hydrocarbon pollution.

  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property ensures longer life of critical engine components.



  • Recommended for advanced 4-stroke gasoline engines in high performance motorcycles of  leading global manufacturers operating in wide range of ambient temperatures.

Specifications and Approvals: API SL | JASO MA, MA2