GULF PRIDE 2T (Motor-bike)



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Part No. G-2T 1L Alt Part No. G-2T 1L Unit: Each

Gulf Pride 2T is a high quality lubricant suitable for use in air cooled 2-stroke gasoline engines deployed in variety of applications. It is blended from high quality base stocks and fortified with carefully selected additives to provide engine protection and cleanliness in 2-stroke engines. The product meets the international specifications of API TC and JASO FB.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent lubricity protects against piston scuffing and premature wear of engine components.

  • Proven additive technology controls engine and exhaust system deposits.

  • Low ash formula prevents pre-ignition and spark plug fouling.

  • Easy miscibility with gasoline ensures stable homogeneous mixture even at low ambient temperatures.



  • Recommended for 2-stroke motorcycles and scooters requiring API TC and JASO FB quality oil.

  • Suitable for both oil-injection and premix lubrication systems; follow manufacturer's recommendation for oil to fuel ratio.

  • Also recommended for 2-stroke engines in other applications requiring this quality oil.

Specifications and Approvals: API TC | JASO FB