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Part No. G-2T-OB 1L Alt Part No. G-2T-OB 1L Unit: Each

It is designed for the harsh operating conditions of marine environment and exceeds the stringent performance requirements of the latest National Marine Manufacturers Association’s specification NMMA TC–W3®. It is certified by NMMA against their latest specification, NMMA TC-W3® (certification number- RL-92002B). The advanced ashless additive technology used in this oil provides excellent lubricity and protection against wear & rust.

Features & Benefits 
•The latest additive technology helps in protecting the piston from scuffing, ensuring cleaner engines and minimizing combustion chamber deposits with negligible port clogging 
•The special ashless detergents protect against piston ring sticking, spark plug fouling and preignition 
•Special rust inhibitors guard against the formation of rust & corrosion even in marine salt water environment 
•Ensures easy mixing and forms stable mixtures with gasoline even at low ambient temperatures 
•Recommended for and meets the warranty requirements of the latest high output 2-Cycle water cooled outboard engines requiring NMMA TC-W3® quality oils. 
•Also recommended for 2-Cycle, water cooled outboard engines where NMMA TC-W2®, NMMA TC-W® or other general purpose lubricants are required 
•It is suitable for adding as a premix with gasoline or injecting through variable ratio oil injection systems

Specifications: NMMA TC-W3R Registration Number RL-00400R | Suitable for use in 2-stroke DFI (Direct Fuel Injection) engines of Evinrude, Mercury, Nissan, and Tohatsu requring such quality oils.