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Part No. G-5W30-CX 20L Alt Part No. G-5W30-CX 20L Unit: Each

Superior preformance, synthetic catalyst-compatible passenger car motor oil. It has been specially developed for all modern turbocharged, high-output gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks requiring ACEA C2/C3 quality oils. It meets the requirements of the lastest low-emission oil specifications of leading car manufacturers.

Features & Benefits

  • It has been designed to deliver outstanding performance and protection in conjuction with fuel economy benefits.

  • Lastest mid-SAPS additive technology prolongs life of after treatment devices used in the lastest passenger cars.

  • Low-ash content reduces particulates build-up in diesel particulate filters.

  • Active cleaning agents reduce piston deposits and sludge build-up facilitating cleaner engines.

  • Approved for warranty by Toyota New Zealand. 

Specifications and Approvals: API SN | MB-Approval 229.51, Approved Under VW Standard 502 00, 5005 00 and 505 01 | ACEA C2/C3 | BMW Longlife-04 | GM dexos2 , PSA B 71 2290