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Part No. G-AF 5L Alt Part No. G-AF 5L Unit: Each

High-quality silicate coolant last generation. Based on mono-ethylene glycol and multifunctional additive package. Does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates. Provides good protection for all types of metals used in cooling systems and engines. Characterized by a neutral aggressiveness to materials seals and hoses and excellent foaming.


Cooling of petrol and diesel engines (for the Gulf Antifreeze LL - in proportion with distilled water, depending on external temperatures at which the engine is operated)


Features and Benefits

  • Free from nitrates and phosphates and should be diluted with water to a minimum of 33% consistent with recommendations of the OEM's manual.

Specifications and Approvals: BS 6580 | ASTM D3306 | SAE J1034