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Part No. HP-16/20LTR Alt Part No. HP-16/20LTR Unit: Each

Product Description
Hi-Pro Ultrashine is a premium quality wash n’ wax detergent specially formulated for utes and cars. Ultrashine provides effective removal of road film, dirt and grime and incorporates wax to create a long lasting shine. Ultrashine is biodegradable and pH neutral so will not dull or stain paint, polished chrome or aluminium.
Product Applications
Hi-Pro Ultrashine is suitable for use on utes and cars.
Ultrashine cleans vehicle exteriors - enhances and protects polished chrome and aluminium - waxes surfaces for the perfect shine.
Pour 50mls (2caps) into a bucket and add *warm water. Spray vehicle with hose to prepare. To apply: use sponge or cloth and wash vehicle starting from the roof and working down. Use circular motions to ensure all road film and grime are removed. Hose down, making sure all bubbles and residue are rinsed thoroughly. Leave to dry or wipe over with lint-free towel or chamois.
Recommended Dilutions:
Removal of Heavy soils                         1 part to 20 parts water
Removal of light soils and road film       1 part to 50 parts water
Water blasting                                        1 part to 100 parts water
*Recommended water temperature for best results = 50-60°C (warm water)
Features and Benefits
• Premium quality effective formula : - Ability to remove road film and dirt from vehicles easily.
• Low toxicity, biodegradable additives : - Safe to use and readily broken down in the environment.
• May be applied by swab or brush : - Easy application.
• pH neutral formulation : - Will not dull or stain highly polished surfaces.
Physical Properties
Test                        Result
Appearance           Opaque Lime Green Liquid
Density                  1.07 g/ml typ.
pH (neat)                7.5
pH (5% in water)    7.2
Health and Safety
Hi-Pro Ultrashine is a highly biodegradable cleaner. It is recommended as with all industrial oils and cleaners that repeated or prolonged contact with Ultrashine in neat or diluted form is kept to a minimum. At no time should neat (undiluted) product be disposed of into sewers. Disposal of Ultrashine in neat or diluted into storm water or other waterways should always be avoided. If spillage occurs contact your local council authority or refer to the Hi-Pro Ultrashine MSDS. For further advice contact NZ Parts Online Ltd.
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