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Part No. HP-06/1LTR Alt Part No. HP-06/1LTR Unit: Each

Product Description
Hi-Pro Tyre Shine is a fast-drying Tyre Black formulated to produce the ultimate shine. Tyre Shine is a light solvent with an active silicone compound which dries fast and leaving a long-lasting deep shine.
Product Applications
Hi-Pro Tyre Shine is applicable for all tyres, giving a shiny black finish. Apply by brush or air spray.
NOTE: Hi-Pro Tyre Shine is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Use only in well ventilated areas away from any source of ignition.
Features and Benefits
• Light solvent carrier base - Enables fast evaporation of the solvent from the brake pad or disc.
• Active silicon additive compound - Provides long term deep shine.
Physical Properties
Test                       Result
Appearance          Clear/bright colourless fluid.
Density                 0.75 g/ml typ.
Flash Point           -22°C
Health and Safety
Hi-Pro Tyre Shine is a petroleum (aliphatic solvent) based product. It is recommended as with all industrial oils and cleaners that repeated or prolonged contact with Tyre Shine is kept to a minimum. At no time should Tyre Shine be disposed down sewers, storm water, or any other waterway. If spillage occurs contact your local council authority or refer to the Hi-Pro Tyre Shine MSDS. For further H&S advice contact NZ Parts Online Ltd.
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