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Part No. HP-13/20LTR Alt Part No. Unit: Each

Product Description
Hi-Pro Solvolite is a solvent based degreaser formulated for general degreasing of tools, work parts and machinery. Solvolite is quick to evaporate and has powerful cleaning and degreasing properties for easy removal of all dirt, grease, oil and grime.
Product Applications
Hi-Pro Solvolite is suitable as a general purpose degreaser for tools, metal parts, engines and heavily soiled equipment . Apply by brush, swab or use in a parts bath.
NOTE: Hi-Pro Solvolite is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Use only in well ventilated areas away from any source of ignition.
Features and Benefits
• Powerful degreasing action: - Removes heavy build-up of oil, grease and tar.
• Fast evaporation qualities: - Evaporates quickly leaving clean, residue-free equipment (1-2 minutes)
Physical Properties
Test                        Result
Appearance           Clear colourless liquid
Density                   0.72 g/ml typ.
Flash Point             -22 ºC
Health and Safety
Hi-Pro Solvolite is an extremely fast evaporating fluid and therefore being a hydrocarbon is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Use only in well ventilated safe areas ie no sources of ignition and ventilated to avoid mist buildup. It is recommended as with all industrial oils & cleaners that repeated or prolonged contact with Solvolite is kept to a minimum. At no time should neat or diluted product be disposed of into sewers. Avoid disposal of Solvolite, either neat or diluted into storm water drains or other waterways at all times. If spillage occurs contact your local council authority or refer to the Hi-Pro Solvolite MSDS. For further advice contact NZ Parts Online Ltd.
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