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Part No. HP-10/4LTR Alt Part No. Unit: Each

Product Description
Hi-Pro SD Degreaser is a non aromatic solvent formulated to clean tools, parts and machinery. In comparison to conventional kerosene/turpentine-based degreasers, Hi-Pro SD Degreaser is environmentally friendly, safer to use and under current legislation is not classified as a flammable solvent.
Product Applications
Hi-Pro SD Degreaser is suitable for degreasing metal parts and equipment and can be applied by spray, swab or in a parts bath. SD Degreaser can be rinsed off and dried or left to air-dry on the parts/equipment to provide short-term rust prevention.
Features and Benefits
• Non aromatic solvent - Safer to use and environmentally friendly.
• Not classified as a Class 3 flammable product under current legislation - Restrictions on storage do not currently apply to SD Degreaser.
• Work pieces may be air dried, washed down with water or left wet - Flexible application and the ability to provide rust protection for up to 1 week.
Physical Properties
Test                                                Result
Appearance                                   Clear/bright colourless
Density                                           0.78 g/ml typ.
Flash Point (Pensky Martens)        63°C
Aromatics                                       0.7% typ.
Health and Safety
Hi-Pro SD Degreaser is a moderately toxic hydrocarbon solvent. It is recommended as with all industrial oils and cleaners that repeated or prolonged contact with SD Degreaser is kept to a minimum. At no time should SD Degreaser be disposed of into sewers. Avoid disposal of SD Degreaser into storm water drains or other waterways at all times. If spillage occurs contact your local council authority or refer to the Hi-Pro SD Degreaser MSDS. For further advice contact NZ Parts Online Ltd.
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