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Part No. HP-03/1LTR Alt Part No. HP-03/1LTR Unit: Each

Product Description
Hi-Pro Car Wash & Shine is a biodegradable, superior quality car wash shampoo. Hi-Pro Car Wash & Shine has superior cleaning ability enabling cleaning of dirt and road film from cars giving a streak free finish which retains the original car polish and waxes.
Product Applications
Suitable for cleaning of all cars. Will easily remove built-up dirt and road film without removing the car polish.
Recommended Dilutions:
Removal of oil/grease and heavy soils         1 - 3% in water
Removal of light soils and road film              2 - 4% in water
Water blasting                                               1 - 2% in water
Suggested water temperature for optimum cleaning 50 - 60°C i.e: warm water
Features and Benefits
• Finely adjusted formulation for optimum - Ability to clean with ease dirt and heavy cleaning.
• Incorporates low toxicity/biodegradable additives. - Safer product to use and environmentally responsible i.e: readably broken down in environment.
• May be applied by swab, brush, or water blasting. - Flexible application and ease of use.
• Contains the ability to remove road film. - A superior clean giving a optimum finish.
Physical Properties
Test                             Result
Appearance                Clear/bright blue liquid
Density                       1.05 g/ml typ.
pH (neat)                    12.0
pH (5% in water)        11.5
Health and Safety
Hi-Pro Car Wash & Shine is a highly biodegradable cleaner. It is recommended as with all oils and cleaners that repeated or prolonged contact with Hi-Pro Car Wash & Shine in neat or diluted form is kept to a Minimum. At no time should neat (undiluted) product be disposed of into sewers. Disposal of Hi-Pro Car Wash & Shine in neat or diluted into storm water or other waterways should always be avoided. If spillage occurs contact your local council authority or refer to the MSDS. For H&S advice refer to NZ Parts Online Ltd.