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Part No. HP-08/1LTR Alt Part No. HP-08/1LTR Unit: Each

Product Description
A streak-free window cleaner that removes dirt, grime and finger marks from windscreens and stainless steel giving optimal results. Formulated to leave no streaks with biodegradable, low toxicity additives. Suitable for use in all automatic vehicle windscreen applicators.
Product Applications
Is applicable for all cars & all weather conditions. Recommended dilution of 1 part Windscreen Magic to 3 parts water
Features and Benefits
• Finely adjusted formulation for optimum cleaning. - Ability to clean with ease dirt and heavy road film with ease.
• Incorporates low toxicity/biodegradable additives. - Safer product to use and environmentally responsible i.e: readably broken down in environment.
• Contains special additives for removal of road film. - A superior clean giving a optimum finish
• May be applied by swab, brush, or water blasting - Flexible application and ease of use.
Physical Properties
Test                      Result
Appearance         Clear/bright blue liquid
Density                0.89 g/ml
pH (neat)             7.0
Health and Safety
Windscreen Magic is a highly biodegradable cleaner. It is recommended as with all oils and cleaners that repeated or prolonged contact in neat or diluted form is kept to a minimum. At no time should neat (undiluted) product be disposed of into sewers. Disposal in neat or diluted into storm water or other waterways should always be avoided. If spillage occurs contact your local council authority or refer to the Windscreen Magic MSDS. For H&S advice refer to NZ Parts Online Ltd.
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